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Let's hear a little about you and your dog(s). All new users must make their first TWO posts in this area before they are given full permissions to the site.
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Picture Posts

Post pictures of your Maltese, your house, your car, family, friends and more!
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Anything Goes

You can talk about anything here that is NOT Maltese related.
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Pertaining to: MALTESE All things related to the Maltese Dog!

Everything else - MALTESE RELATED...

Funny stories, thoughts, ideas, senseless ramblings and anything else Maltese related that doesn't go in any other forum.
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Maltese Health & Behavior

A healthy dog is a happy dog! Discuss their health and behavior.
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Maltese Grooming

Have a question or tip about keeping our Have a question or tip about keeping our Maltese looking, feeling and smelling good? Let's hear it!
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Maltese Training

Discuss house training, obedience training or how they have YOU trained!!!
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Maltese food, snacks and treats

Talk about the maltese diet such as natural, organic, dry, canned, treats, etc along with problems or allergies.
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Maltese Standard

Talk about the AKC standard and characteristics of the breed.
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Maltese Showing & Information

An area to discuss upcoming or past dog shows involving your cuties.
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Piddle Place

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Ask questions about buying a Maltese, where to find a breeder or post your experiences with them. Breeders let's hear from you too!
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Believe it or not there are many Maltese in rescues throughout the world. Tell us about ones you know of or your experiences.
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Have a club or looking for one? Let others know.
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Use this forum to Buy/Sell/Trade your items that you no longer need, can use or want. Please read the forum rules before posting. Have fun! SM Vendors are NOT allowed to post in this forum.
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Need help posting pictures, adding to your avatar, resizing a picture, etc.? Post your forum or website related questions, answers and tutorials here.
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Please let us know what you think about the website, the forums, polls, sections, anything that you like or don't like. We are always looking to improve.
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The War Against BYBs and Puppy Mills

Post threads and links to ads you would like us to block.
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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Can any one help on how can I get my Baby to lose weight. Vet said she's too fat. I've cut down on food and treats. I try walking her but can only go around the block. I'll take any help.
  2. Everything else - MALTESE RELATED...
    I know that many people sleep with their dogs and occasionally I may bring him in the bed in the morning after his early morning walk to go back to sleep for a little bit but how many of you actually sleep with your fur babies? I am so afraid I’m going to roll over on him or hurt him or flip him...
  3. Maltese Grooming
    Does anyone know if there is a video anywhere showing how to do the "Korean Cut" ? (Short face, long ears with top knot) I've been searching the internet and I can not seem to find anything with what I am looking for.
  4. Everything else - MALTESE RELATED...
    I have a 7 year old Maltese named Mack. He has always been very energetic and doesn’t like to obey commands, even ones I taught him many years ago. That didn’t used to be a big problem because Mack’s mainly an indoor dog and we lived in a quiet residential neighborhood where he could go on short...
  5. Maltese Health & Behavior
    Hi everyone! I woke up this afternoon (I work midnights) to find Sugarplum sleeping right next to me! I’m a side sleeper and she was curled up right behind my back. She usually sleeps in my bed with me, but she has always slept in one of the head corners of my mattress. Today is also exactly...
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