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  1. Introduce Yourself
    High everyone, My name is Bridget and I have come to this site to have people that understand the love I have for Maltese. I have been searching for a breeder to get two Maltese puppies, a boy and girl, after losing my little Maltese last year; however, websites are not up to date and most...
  2. Breeders
    Hi, We are looking for a good reputable Maltese breeder or at least an ethical breeder in Queensland. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  3. Breeders
    I'm looking to purchase a new Maltese puppy but the one I have my eyes on is $3200 for a female. She is not AKC-certified (only ACA) or have breeding rights. Is this too much to pay for a standard breeder? And does anyone know of reputable breeders within driving distance in New Jersey/New...
  4. Breeders
    Hello, I just joined this forum as some of the links and threads on here have been really valuable in trying to figure out the best route to finding a Maltese puppy to join our family. We understand how terrible puppy mills are, and BYB, and we want to avoid all of that. But I'm having...
1-4 of 4 Results