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  1. Maltese Grooming
    Hi --My 6-months Puppers is recovering from spay, and would be great to hear from anyone with tips how to keep her occupied. We do a couple games with hiding food in her snuffle rug, and with hiding treats under jar lids that she has to uncover. She also has a food puzzle game. It was...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, Meet Çakıl, a 10 months old Maltese girl who had an amazing coat just 2-3 months ago. Recently her coat has started to get thinner, duller. She lost her shine, her fluffiness. Even the muzzle area shows that :( We got her coat shaved due to some tangles 2 weeks ago. I’m too worried about...
  3. Maltese Grooming
    I used to order religiously from Maltese Obsession the black hair bands for my baby. I went to replenish my stock since it was running low and was shocked to see they are closed!!! I tried ordering bands from Etsy but they were like 3 times the size I need. does anyone have suggestions on where...
1-3 of 3 Results