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  1. Need HELP with HOUSEBREAKING PUPPY (and thoughts on PEE PADS)

    Maltese Training
    Hi there everyone, I'm having problems with my puppy and her habit of peeing and pooing everywhere. She's turning 3 months old tomorrow and I've had her for about a month and she still doesn't get it. I can only blame myself for this since its not her fault she needs to go. She currently sleeps...
  2. Dog won’t pee or poop outside

    Maltese Health & Behavior
    Hi, so my baby does not like to go potty outside at all. He’s always been disinterested in sniffing around & lifting his leg. I’m not sure why. I have two other pups that go just fine outside, but this one never does. He always hids or waits for everybody to go upstairs to pee/poop on the pad...