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  1. Maltese Health & Behavior
    Hey guys, I have an 11 week old male maltese born on 1/28/21 who currently weighs 26.67 ounces (about 1.67 pounds). Anyone else have a maltese who was this size when they got them? How big did they end up being?
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone ! by the end of next month , I am getting my baby boy . I did realize that his ears look slightly different than standard Maltese. It doesn’t flop down and stays erect . He is currently 7 weeks, so I was wondering if it eventually goes down or will it stay like this permanently ...
  3. Picture Posts
    Here's a video of Cotton Candy waiting for food :)
  4. Maltese Health & Behavior
    Help anyone who has had skin infections of any type, is this healing?? It’s been on her since I got my puppy from the breeder and I actually think it got worse which is weird since I bathe her with sebazole twice a week and use topical ointments already. is it because I make her wear...
  5. Picture Posts
    Hello ! New to spoiled maltese and want to introduce my pups. I have 2 females. The first is 1 year & 2 months named Cali and my baby is 13 weeks and her name is Mia. I love them so very much and they brighten up my days. Hope to meet all your pups !
  6. Maltese food, snacks and treats
    Hello, My Bueno is 5 Months old and he is almost 7 pounds now. I am afraid he might be overweight. If he is, what should I do? I have been making sure that he doesn't eat more than 400kcal per day since I got him. I got him when he was 3 months old. I am not sure how heavy he was then but maybe...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hi all! I'm new to the forum, I should be getting a new maltese in the next couple weeks, just waiting until he's old enough. I've grown up with 2 maltese and love the breed so glad I'm in good company here :) I do have a question right off the bat. My breeder sent me pictures of my pup. You...
  8. Maltese food, snacks and treats
    Good morning! My Maltese name is Neo and I am new to this forum and a new dog owner as well. Neo came home 5 days ago, he was active, happy, pee and poo all over the house. We bought him new food and have him Nutri-Cal per pet shop advise. That night he vomited twice but continue to be himself...