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  1. Maltese Grooming
    Hi --My 6-months Puppers is recovering from spay, and would be great to hear from anyone with tips how to keep her occupied. We do a couple games with hiding food in her snuffle rug, and with hiding treats under jar lids that she has to uncover. She also has a food puzzle game. It was...
  2. Maltese Health & Behavior
    I have heard two distinct theories regarding spaying Some say to do it before the dog goes into heat ;they say this reduces the chance of Breast cancer Others say The dog should be able to have 3 seasons or 3 heats because the estrogen will help their bones and muscles reducing the chances of...
  3. Maltese Health & Behavior
    Hello SM family! I'm coming with a question for you. I just got back from the emergency night vet trip as my lovely Cashmere has eaten some dark chocolate. 😱😱😱 They induced vomiting and I hope everything will be alright, but to kind of take my mind off dark scenarios, I try to focus on her...
1-3 of 3 Results