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  1. Maltese Health & Behavior
    Hey guys just looking for some advice with my puppy. She came to me with a scissor bite, As she loses he puppy teeth, she looks underbite, not worrying me if it doesn’t hurt her, but it looks like it is going to dig on her gum, the last picture, her k9 just came off and there is her adult teeth...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello. I have a rehomed 6.5 month old boy name Loki. Ive had him for about two months. He is probably the best pet i have EVER owned. I can't believe how much i love him. He's amazing....however... In the past few days, I've noticed a shift in personality with other dogs. He's become so...
  3. Maltese Health & Behavior
    I discovered two very loose teeth in my 7 yr. old Maltese. On exam, the vet said he has very bad gum disease and little tartar. He gave me an estimate for 8 extractions but warned there may be more when they get in there and have x-rays. Also warned of complications. I was in shock at the...
1-3 of 3 Results