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1st bad experience

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So my mom did me a favor and took Tini in to get a much needed cut. I had previously called at spoke with the groomer about what I wanted it to look like... well on the way home my mom called me, and she was SO upset. She was shaved bare EXCEPT her ears... it's the weirdest cut I have ever seen. She looks like she has a humans equivalent to a bob. My poor baby looks like a bobble head--

I will post pictures tomorrow.
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Reading about other peoples trouble with the groomers is why we have not yet taken our little one :eek: I really want to get him a puppy cut because he is matting so bad these days and I am having trouble keeping up
I feel like a very bad Mommy, but I am so scared to go and get him back bald! I am so sorry your little one did not get the cut you wanted and I hope it grows back in fast
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