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1st Birthday (a little late)

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Both of my girls turned 1 in May. Cadie turned a year on the day of Sweeps at the Specialty (5/8). Cacia turned a year exactly a week later (5/15). It was a busy month and so while I took pictures, I didn't get them uploaded to my web album until this weekend.

Still, I figured I could share. As they say, better late than never. I started a tradition with Cadeau of pictures "au natural"--aka without topknots. So I figured I would do it with the girls, too.



They got a pair of Nina Ottoson toys for their birthday and a couple of little soft toys. They enjoyed the mind games of the Nina Ottoson toys. Cadie proved to be the quickest on the uptake my little clan.
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AWWWH HAPPY BELATED FIRST BIRTHDAY to your pretty girls...loved these pictures. Thank you so much for sharing :D

o my, carina, they both look gorgeous!! happy belated birthday sweet girls!!!

i have been wanting to try nina ottoson toys - which ones do you recommend for our little ones?
Happy Birthday girls! I love the au naturel look! Those are goreous eyes they have!!! (and I am lovin the chair they are on too!) B)
One year old-you're both officially all grown up. Happy Birthday, Cadie and Cacia!!!
Happy (belated) 1st Birthday Cadie and Cacia!!!! You are both gorgeous!
Such beautiful, beautiful girls!!! Their eyes are are so large and spellbinding!!! Happy Birthday Girls~~~Glad you had a wonderful day!!!
Happy Belated Birthday to two gorgeous fluff babies!! :wub::wub: They are beautiful and they have such gorgeous eyes.
Oh wow Carina, they are simply breathtaking!! Happy birthday to you two beauties!:wub:
Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girls! I loved your au natural....sort of like girls without botox these days, LOL.
Happy Birthday to your little ones, Carina! They are absolutely gorgeous!!!
Happy 1st Birthday Cadie and Cacia, you both look gorgeous!!!!!
they are GORGEOUS!!!! Fantastic photos and they look amazing sans topknot!
Happy birthday to your gorgeous girls.:wub: I'm amazed that the hair isn't falling down into their faces.
:cheer::cheer:Double Happy Belated Birthday you beautiful girls. :wub::wub:I just fell in love with Cadie and Cacia in Atlanta. Carina - you're such a lucky and great mom.:grouphug:
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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