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20% Off Sale at

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Wow! It's been so long since I've dropped by SpoiledMaltese ... everything looks so different! For anyone who happens to read this, I just want to apologize for being out of the loop for such a LONG time. I have missed you ALL SO MUCH! I think I'm all done with my other various "life distractions", so I will be here much more often. I can't wait to meet all the new members that have joined in the interim :)

Anyway, I received an email from, they are having a sale. Here are the details from my email:

It's HOT out there
is your pooch needing to cool off?
Come stop by for our
Summer Sale!
Starts Today ~ Limited Time only
Enjoy 20% off* your entire purchase.
Don't wait...or you'll miss out
Sales ends Sunday, July 11th at midnight
use promo code 'summer'
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Sweet! The T's! And thank you for the Posh Puppy promo! :)
welcome back , hope u n ur fluffs stay ! they are soo cute!
Welcome back Heidi, Cheri, Tchelsi & Tatumn! We've missed you SO much! :wub::chili:
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