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Ok, it took me awhile, about 3 hours today, but it is done.
I had alot of submissions to go through, thank you to everyone that sent them in. It was kinda hard to do as all of the pics were worthy of a calendar page but alot of them were too small too make work or too blury, dark, bright etc. I did the best I could. The good news is everyone that I got an email from has at least one picture in the calendar. The cover consists of the collage, thank you LadyM and charmypoo, 11 months of single member pics and 1 month that is a collage from everyone that emailed me. I have ordered one with 2 day express shipping so I can get it here and see how it looks but from what I can tell all pages look good.

Price is 18.99 + shipping, this will give 4.00 profit to go into the SM funds for the site ($1.00 of that will go to a Maltese rescue of my choosing). All payments will be through the cafepress website, i think they take CC, debit card, and checks. They are a great company so no worries buying through them. Once you order the calendar they print it (within 2 business days) and ship it to you directly.

to order click on this link

to see the calendar pages (and who is on them) look below the picture that comes up with parker on it and click on "View Calendar Pages"

Hope you enjoy! let me know if you have any questions.

Please discuss this in this THREAD
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