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2010 Nationals and Mother's Day

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Hi everyone thats going to the nationals, my heart and well wishes will be going along with all of you. I wish that the girls and I could be there to meet each and everyone as well as your furbabies.

So I am wishing all of you a very good time, lots of socializing and have a very safe trip and also a Happy Mother's Day from me and the girls. Please take lots of pictures to share with everyone and don't forget to have a piece of pizza and a few drinks :drinkup: for me as well.

I haven't been here on SM much lately and just took a few minutes to try to keep up but not time to posts. I have been busy with the shop working full time again as my daughter couldn't work for a few weeks, and my daughter finally had her operation last week and is doing good so far, they took out her thyroid and tonsils and the tumor was not cancerous thank god and to all of you for all your prayers. She has a 4-6 week recovery though and can't eat only drink and can't talk much. The tumor they found near her brain has been shrinking and hopefully they won't have to operate on that one. I don't think I even told you about that one. She was having bad headaches and the eye doctor found that one. She has had a total of 5 operations now since Thanksgiving and each went well. But we are so thankful for all of you and hopefully I can get back to having my lazy retired life again soon. :chili::chili::chili: and spoiling my girls even more.

Hugs to all,
Lucy, Savannah, Breeze, and Sparkle
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Lucy!! Hugs to YOU!!! Thanks for the update.
I will continue to send prayer out for your daughter and you. I'm glad things are going so
Thinking of you!
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