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3rd grader pokes fellow students with needle

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This is kind of scary. Found it on our news station's website. News story
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Originally posted by FannyMay@Apr 29 2005, 10:35 AM
This has been on the news here for a couple days (since it happened) since Philla is so close to us.  I would be pretty ticked at the teacher for letting this kid poke so many kids.  I mean come on, if you were a teacher and one of the kids brought a needle in for show and tell and started poking kids wouldn't you stop her after the first kid she poked?  Where was the teacher in all this?  The kid obviously didn't know any better but the teacher should have.
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I agree. I smell a law suit coming.... (teacher is very negligent and did not excercise common due care/which is a part of her job).

Poor children
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