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4th of July

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I thought I would share some pictures of my kids on the 4th. The one that is very special to me is the one of my 16 year old Reginald. When I first was ordering outfits I was only getting for Alvin and Chloe, then I thought I bet I could get something for the big guy. Well I'm so glad I did. He may be in his senior years but he is still so very handsome.


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OMG!! I adore Reginald. :wub:

My heart is definately with the seniors.
OMG!! I adore Reginald. :wub:

My heart is definately with the seniors.
Me, too! Reginald is very distinguished!
All three of your dogs are gorgeous. I love Reginald...I have always been in love with cocker spaniels, and he is a beautiful one!
Your kids look handsome in their holiday outfits :) And Reginald's out really suits the respect that his age calls for!
16 years with Reginald,you're so lucky.
We love our cockers too. We had our Amy 15½ years,she was a black beauty too. Our Buster looked a lot like Reginald,he was a handsome big eyed sweetie...
Reginald looks so handsome in his patriotic dickie!
Oh my goodness! He doesn't look a day over 8! ;) He's absolutely handsome and your other two babies are looking gorgeous as well! :wub:
Oh, very cute~~~! :wub::wub::wub: Happy 4th!
Gosh you have 3 adorable pooches there! :wub::wub::wub:
Love Reginald....we had a black cocker spaniel in the family when I grew up! He has my heart!!! Precious......and you babies are darling all dressed up for the fourth!!!
Oh, the pictures are absolutely adorable!! What a lovely fur family you have!!! Reginald is very handsome. I bet he feels great to be included in the fun!
all ur kids are stunning with their outfits , love reginalds outfit , so glad u got him that !!
OMG! I missed this! Love all the outfits, but I gotta say that Reginald looks very handsome in his attire. He's working it!
OMG!! I adore Reginald. :wub:

My heart is definately with the seniors.
oh yes, mine too. :thumbsup:
they're all so beautiful in their little outfits :wub:
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