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5 free & cheap alternatives to hotel wi-fi

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Funny, we were in Orlando, FL last month and stayed at the Hilton. Not only did they charge us for computer access, but also $12 a day to park in their adjacent parking lot and $10 per day to use their fitness center. We've stayed at hotels from the Holiday Inn to the Omni and we've never had to pay for use of the fitness center. Its getting rediculous what these hotels will tack on.
My refridgerator in our room didn't even work at the Hilton. I called 3 different times! Personally, I LOVE Country Inns and Suites. We get the King suite- it's a seperate room. We get one side and can close the door, and the kids get the other side. It has a fold out couch and two tvs. It also has fridge w/ freezer, coffee maker, microwave in the room. Plus free wi-fi, fitness center, business center. They also have free breakfast! no eggs/bacon, but cereal, fruits, muffins, and make your own pancakes/waffles and coffee and juice. They also allow pets!

It was my first time at the Hilton and I wasn't impressed, because of the way some of the guest were treated. Some had their dogs confiscated! One couple even got kicked out!
Seriously, there are so many other hotels that do not charge for wifi. I am sitting in one right now in beautiful Beaufort SC. Free wifi, free, parking. Sure it's not the Hilton, but you know what? I am not impressed with ANY chain hotel, even the so-called "upscale" ones. Regarding the Hilton in ATL for Nationals, well, I've stayed in much nicer places for much less $$$ all over the US.

I can't wait until hubby finishes building our travel trailer and we get to go on the road with our own little "house," complete with broadband internet and comfy beds!!!
I know I was really surprised that they wanted you to pay $15 a day at a nice hotel. Needless to say I didn't use my laptop while there. I'm still here near ATL visiting some family and I'm in a cheap little Days Inn but there's free wi-fi here. Go figure.
I often stay at Comfort Inns and they work. I used the wi-fi in the business room downstairs, it was a pain. the HILTON was a PAIN. I was so disappointed with their (LACK OF) hospitality.
That's really something,Hilton was one of the better hotels.We used to stay there and always had a good experience. You paid more but the ammeneties were worth it and no extra charges,except parking,but all big cities charge for parking (mafia).

We haven't traveled much in the last couple years,so we haven't seen the reduction in services....

We used to stay at Sheratons but many are going the "no pets" route,so no pets,we don't stay there....
We have stayed at the Comfort Inn & Suites,Courtyard by Marriott, Rennaissance ,Best Western and La Quinta since they're really dog friendly...they had to be,they let us in w/ 3 5 dogs. They were great,had WiFi and no extra charge for it..nice suites No charge to park but it wasn't a large city.

I like suite hotels,we can get a bedroom and living area and kitchen,nice to stretch out,relax or even cook.

Travel industry complains about the economy and then lowers their quality of service and gouges their patrons.....
What is happening in the travel industry is a shame. My husband travels all the time and he is so sick of hotels. Even the nicer ones are going downhill, unless you want to pay at least $300 per night, which isn't practical for everyone. We usually try to find a nice bed and breakfast, but now that we have Nikki, we are limited, because many B and B's won't take dogs. More people are buying RV's for travel due to the deterioration of service in hotels.
Suzan I didn't realize you were in Beaufort! I LOVE,LOVE that place. We go multiple times during through out the year. In fact that is the County Inns and Suites that we always stay in. It is one of the newer hotels. The Hilton Garden is the most recent I believe.

We are looking to buy a house on Fripp Island one of these days!!
I paid the $14.95 the first night. I couldn't even run charge cards because they didn't have internet access in the vendor area. Needless to say the $20 a day they pre-charged me for electricity was another waste!!
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