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I put 6-10 but I dont know. Cloud DESTROYS his toys so I hesitate to get him stuff. He absolutely LOVE stuffed toys, but he digs into it and chews it up until it's all raggedy. I actually don't care if he messes them up, but my bf says it's a waste of money. What am I to do? LOL

However, I usually buy them treats more often than I buy them toys. I can't go wrong with that! And when I get my own place, Imma get a bunch of toys for him! MOOHAHAHA
SHHHHHH! Don't tell my BF, but I bought my babies more toys! LOL I took ButterCloud to the vet today and he was probed like crazy! LOL Poor baby. He deserved new treats and toys!
He's perfectly fine! I had to take him in for his annual. He had an examination, bordatella, DHPP, Rabies, Heartworm test, and fecal test.

Man, when they told me they were going to give him a fecal test I was like, "I didn't know I was suppose to get a sample." They said not to worry, that they have their ways to get fecal samples!
Poor baby! I think I heard him yelp when he was in the back. And he had 3 shots given to them...the heartworm test involves a bloodtest.

He was soooo different. He usually barks like a maniac at the doctor. He was just so clingy to me and didn't bark..not even to other animals!!! Oh, I was able to hear his heartbeat too. :D Oh yeah, and ya'll remember my anal leakage problem? Well, HIS anal leakage problem...mine is fine! LOL Well, they had to express it because it was full. Funny thing is he never scoot his fanny on the ground. And EWWWW, they didnt tell me they expressed it until after I touched his hiney! EWWWWWWW. I had to put my hand under him to hold him securely, that's why my hand was there.
He also has some irritation in the eyes...Pollen in TN is CRAZY! But he said Cloud wasn't so bad. Wait til he sees Noriko though!

SHEILA! That's so sweet that you asked!

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Tlunn--TP and Bologna strings are BAAAAD LOL
Cloud tears it up because he wants the squeeky noise maker! ARRGHHH
But he can play with stuffed toys for a long long long long time. But when I move, I'll buy more goodies for him! MOOHAHAMOOHAHA
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1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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