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Originally posted by TikisMom@Apr 22 2005, 09:22 PM
Tiki has loads of toys.  I rotate them just like I did for my kids when they were younger.    In addition to the "purchased" toys he loves toilet paper and paper towl roll cardboard tubes! 

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I think it so so funny my maltese and Min Pin do this as well. They each did it as puppies. Now we put our tp in the cabinet above the potty but there have been times that we have forgot and we left out. Man as soon as we leave they get it and shred it in to Tiny pieces so small thet are hard to pick up. We used to get mad but I tought about it one day If I were a dog that would be a Blast!!

Shiner(min Pin) also gets the old rolls out of the trash and plays with them.
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