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Hello everyone... I did a small intro yesterday although work is slow
so I'll do a better one. ok? ok. So the love of my life is a sales rep, which meens he is out of town too much, I harrassed him for a year for a dog and after a two month sailing trip and lots of justification I started looking on rescue sites for a small (tiny) pup... I couldn't find a thing. Oh by the way, I HATE being alone, I really wanted a companion to come with me everywhere, and we are sailors so I needed a small pup that I could lift on to the boat, as well as people usually don't mind if you bring your dog over if she can fit in your jacket. Well this all led to my man bringing me home Jolie from a buisness trip. She is the biggest lover, although I was hoping to start getting exersize in the morning with her but she is lazyer then my spouse and she refuses to get out of bed (just like her dad). Well we are new to the foofoo dogs (i had a pit-bull before) and she apparently does not suit me cause I'm covered in tattoos and I am very "speak my mind" type of girl, but she was the best present I ever got and I recomend a maltese to anyone that want a loyal friend that might pee a little cause their so exited to see you.
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