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A bit more about Hailie from Maine...

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Okay... so I spoke WAY too soon about there not being any snow in Maine!! We woke up to about 6 inches of snow on the ground on Friday morning! I was right about Hailie's reaction... she HATED it... she is such a princess that wet feet are not an option, not to mention wet, COLD feet!! After a few times outside, however, she adjusted nicely and wanted to stay outside to play in it... so, the novelty of winter has quickly faded... more snow and ice expected tonight!

Also, I was reading someone's post about taking their dog to work with them... a great topic! I am a Registered Nurse and the director of a 30-bed Alzheimer's Residential Care Center... I have been bringing Hailie to work with me since she was only a few month's old... she LOVES it here... she knows when it is time to leave for the day... it is amazing to me that a new little puppy, very high strung, can settle down in the arms of an elderly person with Alzheimer's disease... it is like she realizes the deficits and accomodates for them... pretty amazing, as I was nervous about bringing her with me initially. The folks here LOVE her and they get upset when I don't bring her in... but, even high strung puppies need a day off now and again! She is so busy here at work spreading her love that she is totally exhausted by the end of the day and sleeps all the way home and most of the evening! She does very good work, though.

I even wrote a "Bring Your Dog to Work" policy for the facility... just for Hailie... who already was well aware of her importance and superiority!!!

Have a great day all!!!
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Originally posted by Nichole@Dec 6 2004, 04:38 PM
Where in Maine are you located?  I vacationed there a few years back and had the best time.  I white water rafted and kayaked--sooooo much fun.  We were in Bar harbor and another town which the name escapes me right now.  I have a dream to build a log cabin house up there some day.  It was so cool to wake up and see moose wandering around outside our cabin.  We have deer here, but nothing like that!

We had snow for Thanksgiving, but it has all since melted.  I was so excited to see what Toby was going to do.  At first he was leary, but soon he was running in it and eating it.  Then he decided to stand in it and not move.  Weirdo!  I guess he doesn't mind it.  It also helps that Wally (our Beagle) kind of shows him the ropes.
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We live in Augusta, the capital city of Maine... central part of the state... there really isn't much that compares to a moose, for sure! I live in the city now... but grew up out in the woods with the deer, bear and moose!! I love Maine... in the summer, but could easily move somewhere else in the winter... I can handle the first few months... but after that... forget it! Nine months of winter is a lot for anyone to handle!!
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Originally posted by Kaley@Dec 6 2004, 08:48 PM
Never seen snow! 

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Okay already!!! It is STILL snowing in Maine... and I can't help but feel responsible!!!

For those who have never seen snow... consider yourselves lucky! The driving is terrible today... and it is not supposed to stop until tomorrow!!
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