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A couple of questions:

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Hi everyone, most folks' doggies on here are groomed so beautifully. Since I only pay $ every three months for a professional groomer, I try to maintain between grooms. I'm having two issues.

The first is, what sort of comb to use to comb the area around the nose and eyes, right now I use a human's eyelask brush. Is that the best one?

The second is that after we pet her over and over the top of her head gets less fluffy, like our hand oils make it look almost greasy. How to keep the hair fresh without having to wash her head all the time?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be so appreciated.:smilie_tischkante:
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I use a flea comb on her face.

I don't have an answer about head hair, sorry.
Both Chris Christensen and Madan make combs for faces.

#5 is the Face comb:

Combs & Handles

Madan's is called the moustache comb:

I have both. I prefer the Madan and the price is a lot better, too.
People with show dogs don't like anyone to pet their dogs heads for this reason. For those of us who don't show, either don't sweat it or pet your dog under the chin.
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