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A cute story from the 4th...

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As some of you might know, I live with my grandparents, and my grandma has dementia. Well, she can be pretty child-like sometimes. That can mean a lot of whining about irrational things, or throwing tantrums, but every now and then, she does something sweet or cute. Tonight my grandparents were watching a fireworks show on TV. Micky usually sits with them and watches TV with them. He really does watch, too. If he is in the living room, and he hears a commercial on the TV in the bedroom, he will go running in to watch it. He KNOWS the music from the commercials. Anyway, they were watching the fireworks and she started oooohing and ahhhhing over the fireworks. Micky was in the kitchen with me, and she calls out and says "Where's Micky, he's missing the show"!! I just thought that was so cute. She wanted Micky to watch the fireworks show with them. Micky was kind of nervous tonight. He wasn't frantic or too scared, but definitely uncomfortable. His tail was down, but if I looked at him and said something, he'd start wagging it, so he wasn't too far gone. Anyway, just wanted to share...:wub:
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That's a very sweet memory your grandmother made for you including Mickey in the excitement of the firework show.
Awe! What a precious moment!! I bet you felt so warm inside! :D
What a sweet, funny story. Thank you for sharing that with us!
What a sweet thing for your Grandmother to be lucid enough to remember. Thanks for sharing................
awww, that is a sweet story! How funny that he actually watches TV with them, that's a riot!!!
Ah! What a sweet memory! I am so glad he is there to comfort her during her illness.
Becky that's a great story, sounds like your grandma has a real love for your baby
How cute and very sweet of your grandmother.
Thank you for sharing a lovely, touching story!
So sweet Becky, thanks for sharing that story.
Great story, Becky. Thanks for sharing. Micky is so cute in your siggy.

What a great story, something to always remember. My step-father had Alzheimer's Disease and was put in a home. My Mom and I visited almost everyday. When we walked in he would always sat "Well hello there" in a voice we had never heard before it was very cute and something I will always remember.
Oh and Lilly's favorite show is Bolt.
Thanks for sharing.
that is definitely sweet!
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