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a happy day!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share how happy I am today! I thought I might of lost a puppy I was I wanted to another couple but thet decided on taking a girl pup instead of the little boy!! :D
So i'm getting him!! I can't believe it! I was thinking about him all weekend and thought I lost my chance all day today thinking I know that they will decide to take him... He is such a cutie and his little ears aren't flat to his head plus the little puppy cut reminded me of a muppet so thats what I kept referring him as. But it won't be his name!
:lol: He will be probably coming home early next month (12-13 weeks). I have to fly to CA. to get him; the breeder won't ship plus hes on the smaller size. I'll keep you posted when I figure the details out... Sorry for the rambling on!
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Oh, I am so happy for you! It sounds as though you got a really good breeder, too. Not shipping the puppy and not letting it leave its mom until 12 weeks is just wonderful.

Will you also be able to take some time off to bond and train that first week or so? Sometimes the timing just doesn't work out for you to be able to do that but how much fun if you can.

Congratulations and know that we are all here for you if you need any advice :D

I had never owned a dog of my own when I got Pico and I ran him to the vet if he sneezed! Like a mom with her first child racing to the pediatrician all the time.

Can't wait to see the pics and what you're naming him.
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picos parent--i did the same thing. my vet would seem annoyed when i would see him. good thing i switched vets! lol. i still get worried though. gruffi got stung by a bee or something--the vet gave us antibiotics and told us to give childrens benedryl. i felt so bad for him. he was scared to go to his spot to go potty (we're assuming he got stung there). and gruffi is such a baby too--if we would touch the bump, he would cry a little.
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