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A long time coming

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I haven't been on here in a few weeks. (I've been under the weather) Wow things have changed. I love the banner.

I apologize for the delay in posting the beautiful creation by Kim and Nissa. It fit perfectly!!! Thanks Kim & Nissa!!

I have also include a few pics of the girls in their summer do. I think I need to trim Bella's beard and ears a little bit more.:blush:

Thanks for looking!
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Wow! That dress and matching bow Kim made is STUNNING!! I love her creations.:wub:

Your girls are gorgeous Maggie. Sorry you've not been felling well. Hope you're 100% now. We need to see more pics of your babies!
OMG.... they are just too die for cuteness!!!!! Fabulous pics - thanks for sharing! :)
I love the girls' new haircuts! Kim's creation is stunning!
Absolutely adorable! Kim's creations are always amazing!

Your girls are just too cute for words! :wub::wub:
Good to see you Maggie! The girls look beautiful in their new dresses!
I hope that your feeling better Maggie.:grouphug:
I love the little dress that Kim made it's just darling. The girls look so beautiful and i love their new haircuts. :wub:
oh hope you feel better soon!!

Love the outfit, soo cute!
Maggie hugs to you my friend. I hope your ok, you know when Kim said you had won, I couldn't think of a better person to be spoiled by Kim. I love the little dress Miss Mia looks adorable in it. The girls look beautiful in their dresses. Bet they have a HUGE wardrobe.
Maggie, I hope you continue to feel better!! The girls look great in their matching dresses - I love the little cupcakes. Kim's dress is also simply PERFECT for the 4th of July!!
Cuteness overload! They are both darling. Great job on the haircuts by your groomer.......finally a groomer that knows what you want and "DOES IT." Good job does fit perfectly.:thumbsup:
Wow! your girls and the dresses make a beautiful combo :)
I'm so glad to see pics of the girls -- it's been too long. Love the dress that Kim made and the other 2 dresses too.

Bella is very pretty -- but Princess Mia is still my fav. She's a doll!!!
Maggie!! Where have you been???

The girls look fantastic and love their summer wardrobe! Too cute for words!!
Maggie, I hope you are feeling better now! I was wondering where you've been.

The girls look gorgeous in their outfits! Kim did a great job on the 4th of July dress...and your models are so adorable!
WOW! Beautiful dresses for beautiful pups! I love the cupcake look, it's sooo yummy :)
What a stunning dress by Kim.
Your girls are so sweet, I love the bows.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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