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With all due respect, I feel that if something is 'stickied' on this subject, perhaps it should be from an immunologist. While I do like this guy and what he's saying for the most part, it is his opinion. And there are other differing opinions within the holistic veterinary field on this. Many other holistic and integrative vets want that 'first line of defense' meaning they want the antibodies. And if relying on cellular memory was sufficient, then Dr. Jean Dodds 5 year rabies challenge would have been handled differently after they got the results.

This is what Dr. Dodds is recommending on vaccine boosters and titer testing:

Dr. Jean Dodds' Pet Health Resource Blog | Avoid unnecessary vaccines with titer tests (Part III)

Here is her latest blog about the 5 year rabies challenge study. Note that due to finding cellular memory, they are moving forward to establish a recognized titer test for rabies.

Summary of The Rabies Challenge Fund Duration of Immunity Study - Rabies Challenge Fund

My concern is that when people come to SM to research something and they see a topic that has been deemed important enough to sticky, they look to only the first post as to what is pertinent to the thread and not read everyone's reply.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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