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Well, obviously, you will ask questions regarding the things you didn't like about the existing vet to see if they respond differently.

Then you will want to know what affilliations they may have with specialists like radiology, eye/ear, orthopedic, emergency vets, etc.

Do they have a particular specialty as far as large breeds, birds, reptiles? My vet is a renowned bird expert as well as a well-respected mammal vet.

What pets do they have personally? Since my vet owns 3 Maltese, I am thrilled with him.

How do they schedule procedures like dental, surgery, etc. Will you be absolutely required to leave your baby overnight, no matter what?

Will you be able to schedule your appts with a specific vet all the time or do you have to take whoever?

Can they do any lab/xray on premises? What other conveniences do they offer?

That's all I can think of right now but do make a list and check each question off. Don't feel awkward about's just the logical thing to do. Especially if you do have to pay for an office visit to do this interview.

Good luck! I hope it turns out to be the dream vet!
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