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A New Website!

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I couldn't wait to share the great news with my SM family - my firm's website is up and running!!

I would love to get your opinions about it and please alert me to any spelling mistakes!
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Erin - I'm so impressed. I think the website looks great. Very professional, clear and attractive. Great job. And I learned a lot about you, Miss Smarty Pants Summa Cum Laude. :HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:I was Magna so I bow to you. :forgive me: The only thing that didn't work on the site were the two links in yellow in the first patagraph. It took me to the no page existing warning, or whatever that is when I went to legal matters and contact us. Is it just my Mac?
Best of luck. You are amazing.:chili:
Had a quick look---great site---just one suggestion---the gray background should be "grayer" to make the white reading easier for people who don't see as well---the contrast could be sharper---otherwise IF I lived there I would seek you out to represent me---Greece is too far away. LOL!
Love the website! It looks great!!!

I do agree with the white font against the light gray's a bit hard to read. You could use black font against it and that might be easier to read though (if you want to keep the gray gradient).

Congratulations on your new venture! I think you're going to be very successful!
I really like it too. Great colour and composition, very appealing.
Very impressive Erin! You are very accomplished. I love the site and especially the pics on the home page. The pic of the sad little girl says it all though each of the other pictures also shows what you represent too.
Erin, your site looks very professional. Well done. I didn't see any errors and it read easily for me. :)
I think the site is very dignified but personally appealing for your clients. Great job!!
Erin, my hat is off you you, my friend. Your website is very professional looking. I know you are a very good person. May yoy be very successful and have a happy life. .....and may Hunter have a sister sometime......:innocent:
It is very nice and easy to navigate.
Very nice, and I agree it's easy to navigate. :)

I agree with the comment that perhaps there should be more contrast between the gray background and the white words.

I haven't seen any spelling errors, but I think you need a semicolon added before the word "however" here, on the Practice Areas page under "Family Law":

"Legal Matters are always overwhelming however"

Your credentials and the way you describe your practice are very impressive! I wish you lots of success! :D
Nice website, I do agree about the gray/white contrast, tho. Otherwise, it is very impressive.
i think its great !
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