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A night on the lake with cousins & critters.

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I took the girls out to my aunt and uncles cabin last night and my cousins and I took a pontoon boat ride with the girls. It was an absolutely beautiful summer evening and the water was like glass. The girls loved it and and so did I. :wub: The humans in the pictures are my cousin Jeff, cousin Jan and Jeff's daughter Emily. Nya in pink and Nissa in blue. :blush:


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what a beautiful boat ride!!
how much fun for the girls!!:wub::wub:
Oh wow Kim! What a glorious way to spend the evening! Love the pic of Nissa with Emily, with the wind blowing their hair back, and the one of Nya leaning towards the water. lol That girl's not afraid of anything, is she? Loved seeing these pics!
That fun for everyone!! The girls looks sooooooooooo happy on the boat. :)
those harnesses are so neat! Seems like they are real simple to get on and off! I love the pictures of the girls on the boat!
Your girls are adorable and look like they really enjoy being on the water. We take my other two dogs canoeing with us...I can't wait until Lily is a bit older and we can take her too. (Though, with the summer nearly over it might wait until next summer.)
Your malts are so cute. I have a question what type of harness are your girls wearing, and where did you get them.
Linda and Toby :biggrin:
Great pictures! I love the first picture of Nissa and Nya ... it's easy to see how much they are enjoying the boat trip. It looks so relaxing and beautiful out on the water. I'm glad you enjoyed your special evening with your family.
Ahhhh... Nissa, the Queen of the Nile, and Nya, the Crown Princess! :wub:

I love these pictures. What beautiful little girls they are! :wub:
What beautiful pictures...Great way to spend the evening..I would
like to know about those harnesses too.
Oh Kim I need a boat ride right now, it's been a very stressful day looking for Matilda's ball, I can only dream of what it must have been like.
The girls are just the cutest, you can tell they enjoyed the evening with your relatives. I'm glad you had a wonderful evening
Thank you so much everyone for the nice compliments about my pictures. The girls and I had a great evening while Bill was participating in a golf tournament. And, for those who asked, Jane (Njdrake) gave those wonderful harness/leashes to the girls and we LOVE them. They are easy on, easy off. Here is a thread when she just sent some as a gift to Boo and Hannah. They come from her friend Patti's store.
Kim I just love your pictures... the lighting... I can almost feel the splatter from the water. :thumbsup: MN is beautiful
Wow what great pics! Your girls look like they really enjoyed themselves. They are so cute in their little outfits:wub:
Kim, that looks like such a nice evening. The girls look adorable as always and dressed so well for an evening in the boat.
I always love seeing pictures of your pups, they're perfect!! :wub:
Looks like such great fun. The girls look like they're enjoying the ride so much & they're adorable in their cute matching dresses.
For those of you in the South Jersey area, Those harnesses can be had at Kitty & Doggy Style in Haddonfield! Saw them just yesterday.
Oh your little girls look absolutely adorable!!!:wub::wub:... and what wonderful photos!! In the one you truly can see the water looks like glass. How nice for you to have enjoyed such a lovely evening!!! ...
I'm jealous!! LOL
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