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Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's Mom@May 31 2005, 07:08 PM
There is nothing like an old friend who knows where you came from, your family, etc.

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This statement is SO true!!!
I have ONE friend from highschool that I still keep in touch with, even though we are nine hours away. She and I have been best friends since the FOURTH grade!
We had our moments when we went to college separately and we grew apart for awhile, but she knows more about me and knows me better than anyone else except my sister....she even knows more about me than my husband, because she lived those junior high/high school years with me. She understands my history and where I came from much better than my poor husband EVER could. -_- I am SO thankful for her these days...with personal stuff going on in the family...she is a rock that I can turn to and she "gets" it.

In college, I made some GREAT sorority friends. They are like sisters to me. Although since college most of us have gone our separate ways and live several hours apart, I know if I ever needed anything, all I would have to do is pick up the phone...and they would be there! A few of them live in the same town as I...(a very small town)...they are all a blessing...but I still don't feel like a have a true BEST friend...just lots of good ones! Does that make sense? Most of the friends that I have had recently have turned out to flake on me or stab me in the back. I am just not like that. I can't stand "fair-weather" friends! -_- Sometimes I feel lonely...I miss having a girlfriend to just run to the mall with or hang out...whatever...But I am SO busy with my family, church, work, etc...that I guess there is probably not time for that anyway.

So, I treasure my GOOD friends and the love and memories that we all share.
My sister is probably one of my best friends and I miss her SO much that my heart aches sometimes! I can't stand being so far away from her!
K-now I am crying...

I guess I rambled...don't know that I made any sense or helped anyone.
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