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Real friends are very rare. Over the years I have known lots and lots of people but can count on one hand the ones I am still in contact with. They are friends, but would I call them intimate friends ? No. The year we got married, we started a friendship with another couple. The girl went to school with me. We are still friends today. She is the godmother to my daughter and I am the godmother to her daughter. But they live in another part of the world and we are not in contact as often as I would like. Then 2 years ago we had a class reunion and I re-started a friendship with a girl (I should say lady at the age we are) I was friend with at age 17. We lost track of each other even before we got married and I not even remember why. But she too is an ocean a way. She came to visit and we sent each other e-mails. We used to be friends here with another couple. But then they got divorced. Now we see only her. But since she is single again, she is more interested in being around other single people. So we don't see her that often anymore. The other single female friend I had here just moved to Arizona. All my friends are somewhere else.
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