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Originally posted by Jolie@May 31 2005, 01:56 PM
Ok ladies, I have a question.... Why is it so hard to find a GOOD female friend?  My best friend for the past 8 years is a guy, love him to death but it's just not the same when you want to have a "girls night".  I do have one female friend, as well, I love her to death although she is SO undependable, never follows through with plans and usually negative.  For my sake and my bf's I want a good girl friend, why oh why is this so hard?  I'm a nice girl... a little boyish at times but at least I'm not flakie.  But I'm 24 so I feel I'm at the end of the years to make new friends, and when I'm 36 I want to have dinner with my good friend ________ .  Do I sound crazy? 

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No, you are not foolish. It's wonderful to have that special friend to share with. As you mature, have children, and other interests, you will probably develop friendships with those who have similar interests. Some of these stay, and some move on as your interest changes. Those who have that special friend through life are really blessed.
My two best friends live three and four hundred miles away. This does not keep us from visiting, as well as talking on the phone several times a day. I will say that I'm closer to either of these ladies than I am my own sister. Both my friends are as crazy about dogs as I am, so that is how we met.
Good luck to you in this special quest.
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