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A Sucker for a Man in Seersucker!

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Last year I asked Des (Tiger's Mom) of Go.Fetch to make Hunter a nautical vest out of some great seersucker fabric she had found. Hunter did not want to cooperate for pictures last year but this year he was 100% ready to pose when the sun and his vest came out.

We are not 100% happy with his new haircut but we know its "only hair" and will grow out soon. Sometimes groomers get just a little too clipper happy between the eyes - even when told not to bring the clipper any where near the eyes:blush:

Here's my little seersucker sailor :)

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View attachment 87446

I just love the little star ribbon along the pocket!
View attachment 87447

Thanks again Des for such an adorable vest!
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Erin I love that little outfit. Hunter of course is as handsome as ever.
Oh Erin, are you kidding me, he looks ADORABLE!!!!! And I LOVE the vest as well. ADORABLE!!!!
Hunter looks like he's very happy to be modeling his vest. He's as handsome as ever and i love his smile.
Hunter looks great! I love his cut and he looks adorable in his vest.
Oh my goodness Erin I'm totally LOVING his haircut! Maybe if I saw around his eyes up close I could see what the heck you are talking about. But I really LOVE this cut on him!!! He is darling! And such a happy little man proudly modeling his beautiful vest Aunty Des made just for him. :wub:
He is darling in that outfit, seersucker is so nice and cool on a hot day too! Now all he needs is the yacht.
I just love the nautical look. I'm making Nissa a nautical dress this weekend from some very similar fabric. Hunter is soooooo cute!
I LOVE seersucker, this is the cutest lil outfit on the cutest lil boy ever!
I think these are some of his best pics ever (although he has so many 'best pics ever') and he looks really happy in that suit.
Oh, he looks like a dapper Southern gentleman in his Summer seersucker!! Adorable!
I love it! So cute for a little boy!!
His haircut looks great. Love the vest!
Erin - I'm sending you a pair of glasses. :blink: I LOVE that haircut on Hunter. I think he looks amazing. He's so cute, um handsome that i really think it's one of the best sets of pix of him.:wub::wub: And then you add that vest and he's over the top. :chili::chili: I just love the vest look on the boys.
Oh, Hunter, why did your Mommy cut your topknot off? Now you can't wear your matching bow!

But you are still very handsome!
Oh, seersucker on a little boy! What could be cuter than that! Just Hunter!
He looks so adorable - er handsome!!!
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