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Originally posted by Abbey@Aug 1 2005, 09:37 AM
We left Abbey for about 8 hours on Saturday to go to an amusement park.  Since it was the longest we have left her yet, I put her crate with her bed, food, water, toys, and pee pad in bathroom so she would have more area to play.  When we got home that day ~ She was standing on top of the crate!!!  :eek:  I don't know how she managed to climb up the crate and I don't know how long she was up there ~ poor thing!
  Next time I will leave the crate out of the room!  Good thing I remembered to shut the toilet seat! :excl:
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That happened to Miko once too. I put his crate in his playpen and went to another room. When I came back he had climbed on top of crate and was preparing to jump over the playpen. SInce this was right after his knees surgery, I almost had a heart attack - $2400 wasted!!
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