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Accepted !!!

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I'm so excited! I'm very happy to share this news with my SM family: I was just notified of my acceptance to the Masters program at the University of Paris for Global Communications. I'm really excited about the curriculum and, of course, being in one of the cultural capitals of the world.

Leila and I will be packing up and heading out to Europe in mid-August. The program begins in September and is a full calendar year. I've spent lots of time in France, so I'm not nervous but SO excited to get back. I'm glad Leila will be there with me through this time abroad, too. She'll be my only family and friend to begin with :) Who could ask for a better companion? :wub:

I'm already considering how I'll get her food/grooming products, etc. shipped over to Europe. Maybe I'll have to have things shipped to my parents' and they'll have to send it over to me. Anyone know of companies that ship internationally?

Who knows, maybe when we get over there we'll have to plan a trip out to see Heini or Milo :thumbsup:
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Get Miss Leila a pet passport so she can travel freely through out Europe!! (and come to Ireland and have a playdate with my fluffs ;))
Ah good idea! How do I go about that?
over here we go to the vet and they sort it, so I presume its the same for you.
The passport is great - she should have all the requirements(rabies shot etc.)
I think she would need to get blood tests done 6 months before entering countries such as Ireland and the UK.
Thanks! I'm sure I'll venture over to Germany at one point! I think we need to plan a Euro-Maltese Meet-Up! B)

I'll have to get names from you of some good places in Germany I could ship from in case I don't find anything in France. It'd be much cheaper than shipping from the States!
For sure!!:thumbsup:

ETA - I get most of Milo's grooming things and stuff from the states and shipping isn't too bad.
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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