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Here are just two articles that explain the dangers of shampoos and body care products that aren't natural. (There are many studies and articles all over the internet.) Most of these products are loaded with toxic chemicals that can cause all kinds of health problems, including neurological disease, liver disorders, cancer, and immune system problems.

Toxins and Harmful Chemicals Commonly Found in Shampoos and Other Personal Care Products

Popular shampoos contain toxic chemicals linked to nerve damage

Last year a member' malt, Vivienne (from Bonnie's Angels), became very sick from Pantene (if i remember correctly). The first few times she bathed with it she didn't seem like herself but around the 3rd time she became very sick and was taken to the vet. Even baby shampoos are horrible as there is a chemical in the shampoo that actually stops tearing! It has nothing to do with the shampoo being gentle. EarthBath pet products are one of the purest around. I'm sure there are more that SM members can recommend.

BTW, there are similar health dangers with household products too - cleaning and laundry products, room deodorizers, candles, flea collars and pesticides, foam bedding, etc.
Please try to use only natural products for your babies - and your families too:heart:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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