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adding a picture to threads

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I am new here and trying to figure out how to get a picture on a thread. Could someone tell me how to do it. Does the picture always appear on the thread or do you have to add it each time? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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well that worked

It looks like I managed to include a picture on this thread but my question still is does this picture stay on every thread or do you have to insert one each time. I see all those cute pictures and things on other people's threads and would like to understand how all this works. Thanks!!!
No, it will not be on your next thread or post. Only signature pics remain on all posts you make. You can do that too. Just check out the edit signature on CP User.
Cute little Buddy by the way.
I think I did it!

Thanks so much for the info. I think maybe I did it right!
well no it didn't work

Well shoot I will just keep on trying!
Let's see if this worked

I uploaded the signature picture and clicked on save signature picture but it is not showing on the thread. I don't want to be a nuisance but don't know what I am doing wrong.
Check the size of your pic. It may be too large as sig pics have to be under a certain size.
Diane, wish I could help you but I always have someone help me. lol if you need a siggy I'm sure one of our talented friends will help you with it
Buddy is adorable:wub:

Thanks Paula. I don't have anyone here to help me. LOL. Husband is computer illiterate! I am getting too frustrated with this so I guess I will just give up for now. I just hate it when things don't work right though...........
are u uploading from ur pc? if its not working that way put it on photobucket n then use the link ... it took me a while too .lol n buddy is gorgeous!

Yes I am uploading from my pc. It does upload the picture and then I click on save. But then it does not add it to the thread when I post something. I don't understand why. It doesn't say the pic is too big or anything. I will try photobucket if I can figure it out! LOL. Thanks for the suggestion!
I feel your pain and totally sympathize. I struggle each time. I've had the same problem you're having. When I finally see it appear I'm always surprised!
Buddy is a little doll!
Thanks Elaine. I thought maybe since I only subscribed to the free version is why it wouldn't allow a signature pic but that's not the case. It downloads it just fine but never appears in the thread so it's something that is just beyond me at this point. Everyone else's threads are so cute but mine will just be plain jane I guess..........LOL. BTW Dixie is just gorgeous. How in the world do you manage the full coat! Wish I was brave enough to try that but Buddy mats so easily. His hair was beginning to look really pretty though and I took him for a grooming and told her to just shape him up a little bit. Well guess what.............I went to pick him up and she cut him so short. I am so upset, will never go back there again.............He looks so scrawny now.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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