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As some of you know I volunteer at the SPCA. I'm considering either adoption or fostering but my concern is my 3 fluffs. Reginald and Chloe's birthdays are next month :aktion033: with Reginald turning 16 and Chloe 1,
Alvin is 2 1/2. My concern is Reginald with him being 16. Any advise
would be well accepted.

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Thanks for everyone's advice and I have the utmost respect
for your opinions. When I first brought Alvin home Reginald
was 13 and just lost his sister. He didn't want anything to do
with Alvin, of course Alvin is a pup and wants to play. That's
why I got Chloe which was the best thing I could do for
both Alvin and Reginald. Reginald has been deaf and blind
for the last two years but still moves around just fine.
I truly believe he would be ok with another. My biggest concern
would be decease and temperament. It's a lot for me think
about and I guess I'm scared it would interrupt my family.
Just so everyone knows there are two I'm looking into,
ones a 8 year old boy in a shelter the other is a 8 year female
owner rehome, both are maltese. Now of course
I would only choose one if I decide it's right for us.
So I guess I have a lot to think about. Hopefully
I'll make the right decision.

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