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I agree with the fact that the pup hasn't been socialized enough with strangers and strange children.

He might see these strange people as trespassing on "his territory" and thus the fight or flight response kicks in (out of fear reaction)...with your dog, Teddy, is obviously responding with the "fight" response. You have to find a way to teach your dog that strangers "people" are not dangerous. Time to retrain, it can be done...although, it will take time and patience...and if all else fails, a professional trainer.

I read that at ten weeks, introduce your dog to a new stranger EVERY day. These should be pleasant experiences and will show your pup he has nothing to fear...or better yet, "people" are fun. My pup loves the attention already (yes, I am doing the new person almost every day) and who doesn't adore these little problem introducing him to everyone who goes ga-ga for a malti.

Here is a helpful clip of an article on aggressive behavior:

Work with your dog and sweet, supervised children so the dog will learn that kids can be nice. Please do this before the dog ever experiences a child who is rough! First impressions are lasting impressions, and many a dog has developed a permanent bad reaction to children due to one misbehaving child. It can happen that quickly. Sometimes you can repair the damage to the dog’s temperament by many sessions with gentle kids, but sometimes you are never able to fix it.

The same goes for your toy dog and strange adults. Supervise all interactions your dog has with children, strange adults, and larger dogs, or make sure someone who knows what they are doing provides supervision. The dog is forming beliefs about the world with every experience. Make them good experiences, and also consistently show your dog that if something starts to go badly, you will intervene. This is how you prevent a dog from becoming aggressive out of fear. You protect the dog so the dog doesn’t have to do it.

Let us know his progress...he IS still a baby.
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