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Originally posted by Teddy7@Nov 9 2005, 09:53 AM
Hi everyone!!
Ok here's the long and short of it. Teddy is a very happy playful 16 month old Malt that loves his family very much (those that see him often). He interacts with his sissy Kiki and his cousin Pepper and is well adapted.
Teddy does not like strangers coming over. He also sometimes barks and growls and snarls a lot while outside at people. Some people he pays  no attention to, and others he goes nuts over.
We're having our fence extended this week, and bc of this, Teddy has to be let out on a leash outside in the front yard (clipped to a grounded cork screw) While I was at work, my mom let him out and I guess didn't clip him on all the way. Two girls were walking by (12 and 3) and when he ran to bark at them, he just kept going right off his leash (bc he wasn't on properly). He ran across the busy street, right up to the girls, and started barking and snarling at them. The 12 yr old picked up the 3 yr old, and after some panic and coaxing, my mom went to get him and he darted back across the street and finally they got him in the house. I was very upset by this when I got home from work. He could have (but didn't) bit one of them, and that would be that! Why is he being so agressive? How do I make him stop??? He has never been abused (we got him as a very tiny pup), we don't spank him, and nobody has ever teased him. It's just something that happens to him - the way he acts.
I was watching a show on animal planet and they showed these two small dogs that were in need of adoption. But bc of some of their behaviors, they were unadoptable (i.e., they chased along the fence when someone walked by, they barked and snarled at ongoers, etc). TEDDY DOES THOSE THINGS!!!
Does anyone have any advice on how to try to stop this behavior? Thank god nobody got hurt, and Teddy didn't get hit by a car. But what if there is a next time?

Jackie & Teddy
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Kenji is the same way!!!
I don't know what to do! He is usually a bad boy when he's with me, in my arms, or on the leash while walking him. Otherwise, offleash or wandering around by himself he's a good boy and seems timid and shy. I also don't let Kenji get offleash unless it is a gated park. He almost got hit by a car running across the street growling at another dog. I don't know how to fix this behavior. He also attacks the tv when he sees a cow, dog, or an animal. What's unusual is that he wags his tail in this aggressive behavior.
anybody have a clue how to train him?
I tried distracting him when I see him tense up and praise him when he's good.
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