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Well.. I have been using my new RAZR phone from Cingular.. i have to admit.. the service seems to be good... i still have my verizon phone (the contract is up this monday) so i can compare which has more bars EVERYWHERE i go.. haha..
Cingular seems to have the stronger service so far... and i'm VERY surprised at that discovery. I had NO service in this restaurant with my Verizon phone and my Cingular cell had 4 BARS!
Thats a BIG difference. Anyway...

I am still tryin to figure out how to use my new RAZR V3 phone from Motorola. It's nothing like my old phone from verizon. I cant get my AIM service to work... I filled out my user name and password hit sign on... and I keep gettin this message... operation failed. It will not connect to AIM but it seems as though I can connect to the internet just not AIM... umm... I have called Cingular and AOL.. no one helps.. I have gone into the Cingular store and nothing... I have researched online alittle and it seems a lot of people are having this problem... Anyone have any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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