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ALICE! Let me get dressed!

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*sigh* this morning alice didn't want me to get dressed!

grr... mine! my shirt! (lol yes, i love stripes..)

i haven't told you guys yet; but alice knows "sit" and "down" already! she learned them a couple weeks ago at about 3.5 months old. i was really proud of her :)


Look at her sharp teeth! jeezzeeeee... she's trying to play pretty while biting on my finger too :HistericalSmiley:

she's really a sweet baby :wub::innocent: sometimes :w00t:
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Awwww, way too cute! Alice is a little doll and so sassy, LOL! :HistericalSmiley:

Alexandra :wub:
omg what a cutie 1 i loved these !
the whale eye in the last picture!! so cute hehe
She is a real sweetie. Lola still does that now if she can get away with it, and she is a year old.
Cute ! She looks like a handful, but a sweet handful!
haha thanks everyone!! i love her, even though she's probably more curious than she should be... haha :)

she loooovess belly rubs... but who doesn't!?
she's also going through an awkward face stage XD haha! we had to cut it down because of the bad tear stains (no worries, we have some spa lavish facial scrub now!! woo) and it's growing out funny :p
Shelby -- she's just darling. And such a puppy. LOL Look at those little teeth. Makes me glad that mine don't have their baby teeth anymore.

These pics brought a real smile to my face. :)
aw :) i'm glad they brought a smile to your face - she brings one to mine every time i look at her.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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