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Alice went swimming today :)

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okay, okay, okay! i'll stop posting now XD i just went picture crazy i guess. i only have a few again, but it was because alice went swimming with her lifejacket today in our pool :)
since i only have my phone as a camera, i couldn't get it wet! haha, so i have 3 before pictures and a few after ;) enjoy.

mommy, that water is kinda deep...

ooh, i will float!

...are those my treats??!
(her treats were over there ;P)

Alice eating a treat after swimming :aktion033: she wasn't THAT terrible...

after swimming and drying off in the warm sun, we went inside and i snapped one more photo of her and our oldest dog, maggie :) alice loves maggie and greta. greta hates her most of the time but still plays with her sometimes :huh: and maggie doesn't mind her. a lot of the time they sleep together :) i'll post a picture of that after these two.



here's the picture of alice with her head on maggie :)

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Great photos! She's so cute! Glad you are enjoying her.
Ahhh very cute!!!! Love the photo of her sleeping with maggie! Tha's adorable...I always love seeing two ( or more) pooches snuggling together!

BTW... did she like being in the water???
They look so cute together... Alice sure is a tiny little bean!
She's so cute. I never tire of seeing lots of pictures of her. How did she like the water?
She sure is a cutie!! Love her pink life jacket .
Alice is beautiful. Maggie, too.
Soo sweet and looks like she really enjoyed herself. Lovethe photo of her with Maggie. Don't stop posting pics, I for one really enjoy them - can't wait to see pics of her swimming one day.
she looks great in her lifejacket! I am so happy to see that her parents are thinking about water safety :)
well she isn't a fan of water :p lol, i could've guessed that. she does know that when mommy (i) am holding on to her front paws or any part of her life jacket, she doesn't have to *attempt* to swim and can just relax and float. i think a bit more training and practice will be needed ;D we took every step very slowly and made sure the pool was nice and warm so she had nothing to worry about except the swimming.

thanks for all the comments :) i'm sure we'll have a LOT of photos in the future! it's fun sharing them with everyone :D she's truly the best thing to ever happen to me.
shes such a teeny lil thing , looove her lil pink life jacket ... thats too cute ... i love pics also !!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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