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Alice :)

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hi guys :) here's two pictures of alice recently taken (after her topknot was cut off lol)

the rubber ducky was her new obsession :innocent:

..... and so is our yard :blink:

apparently she thinks it's hilarious :HistericalSmiley:
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Shelby - thanks for sharing Alice with us. I still remember when you were getting her and here she is a part of your family.:wub: She looks so cute and happy.:chili:
Shelby can you take one of her so we can see how big she got? She looks like she's a happy little girl!
lmao! I love the last picture! :D She just keeps getting cuter! :wub:
Alice looks so happy from playing outside!

She looks adorable too, with no topnot:wub:
I just love the photo of her "laughing". Priceless!:wub: Very cute and she looks so happy.
Adorable pictures :wub: she looks like she is having a great time. Lola loves rubber duckies too ;)
Aww she's adorable. That second pic is hilarious!
thanks everyone ^_^ she has grown a LOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! i'll try to get a picture of the difference :p
lol 2nd picture is so funny ;) she's like "oooh yeaaa :D"
Kitzi wants to take Alice out for a romp in the park! :chili::chili:He promises to be a gentleman!:wub:
will ya look at Miss Alice:wub: gosh she is growing, looks like your princess :innocent:might have some tomboy in her:HistericalSmiley:
whoops, I think some little cutie pie needs a bath!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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