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Alice's 4th of July :) First Holiday With Me!!

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First "holiday" with me :wub:

First off, I'd like to say that I love the new layout of the site ;) the background is cute. I haven't been on in a bit, so I missed it.

Second, enjoy the three pictures :blush:

Mom, you HAVE to be kidding me.. this is embarrassing...

If I act super adorable and give you my puppy eyes, will you take this off!?

After a long day :innocent: So cute! She loves sleeping in my arms :wub:

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Little Alice is so precious! I love how she is sleeping like a baby in your cute!
Oh, what adorable pictures!! The last one is majorly precious!!
Little Alice is so precious! I love how she is sleeping like a baby in your cute!

thanks :wub:she's my little baby. she goes everywhere with me lol! we just went out and bought a little life jacket for her today (she can't keep her head out of water) and hopefully she'll swim more. we go down to the lake a lot and we didn't go boating this week. i was too afraid she'd drown. i just wanted to make sure she could float :innocent: she doesn't really like the water though..
Awww...happy first 4th of July sweet Alice. Holiday's are exhausting!
they sure are ;) completely worth it though! every dog (and human) needs a good day off to play hard and sleep harder :D
aw thanks everyone :)
OMG... she's absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!! :wub:... and looks so precious in that little dress!! ...soooo cute on her!
She is a little cutie. I'm sure having her makes your holidays a little bit more joyful.
hello darling alice!! :wub:
She is just too cute!! I LOVE the pic of her sleeping in your arms. Priceless! :wub:
I should have looked further...yay pics of Alice! She is adorable in her 4th of July outfit, LOL.:wub:
She's adorable and growing so fast. She looks so tiny.
thanks guys!! she just went swimming for the first time XD i'll have to make another post!
Awww Alice looks so cute in her holiday dress!! I love how she sleeps like a baby in your arms - too cute.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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