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Debbie requested a tutorial for the app's specific signature and photo posting in the new mobile app in SM. I thought that it was an awesome idea in case there were wondering people in the future. I decided to capture it from A to Z, so here goes. I switched my font color and size below to avoid confusing between the screen shots' wordings and my actual typing in this thread.

First of all, the app is available for Android and Apple products versions (not for blackberry).

For the first time of entering the forum, the app notification should pop up on your portable device's screen when you enter the forum from your phone and/or other portable devices (e.g. iPad). If the message did not pop up and/or it showed you an error when you tried to follow the notification, you can download it in the following link for apple versions when you are using your apple product: PetGuide App in iTunes

otherwise, you can Google "Petguide app" on your phone and you can find it.

If in Android, you can try googling "download petguide app for andriod". I am sure one of the links in google will be the correct one. The app is free. I came across a website that sells it, don't download it from there because it shouldn't cost a cent.

In this thread, the steps for:

1, New to SM app
2. how to set the app's signature
3. how to post a photo directly from your phone (or other portable devices such as an iPad) is included.

Here are the steps:
Let's say , I missed the notification message.
A. Google "Petguide app" on your phone. One of the links will be the right one for downloading. Click on it.

B. This page will show up. Tap on install.

C. It will take you to the downloading process. First thing that shows is the bellow message. Tap on "ok"

D. Wait for it to load. Once it is completed, you can Tap on the new icon on your screen.

E. It will take you to the first page

F. Scroll down , until you reach "Spoiled Maltese". Tap on it.

G. Tap on Login

H. This page will appear. Type in your username and password, then tap on "login" box located on the top right corner of the screen.

I. so you are now Logged in. I personally like to browse arranging the sections "By Names". By default, the are sorted "By Category". That's just my personal preference :)

You can start browsing, posting, responding , sharing photos , sharing videos, sharing links and ALSO your current location map :w00t:

Moving to setting your app's signature tutorial. Bellow are the steps of how you can do it.

You will need to turn the signature option "on" with the wordings that you prefer. By default, the wordings set by the app are "Sent from my iPhone using PG Free". Once you turn the function "on", the app's signature should be an automatic function. No need to manually do it each time you post do that. So Where can you do that?

1. to start, go to any thread you wanna post in. Let's say in the below thread. In the bottom of the screen, tap on the "Write Something..." bar.

2. Once you tapped on it, this page will show up. Tap on "Open Advanced Options" -- you can see it above the touch keyboard.

3. Tap on "Signature".

4. This page will show up. Switch the signature to "on" if it was set on "off". If you saw it already set on "On", that is okay. You still had to go through step (2) above because that is how it can be set with some of them (I had to do this step the very first time I used the app too). You can also edit the app's signature wordings by tapping on the box.

5. type in the new wordings. Once you are done typing the new wordings, tap on "Back".

6. It will take you back to the same screen in Step (1) where you can type in your response to the particular thread. I typed in my response to a thread as an example which you can see below. Once done typing, tap on "send". By doing so, your post will go through as a response.

By completing steps (1) through (5) above, your app's signature is automatically set for any future postings. No need to manually set it each time you post (unless you wanted to change the wordings once again). You will only need to do the steps one time. The following times, you can skip the "Advanced Options" step and just type in your response , then tap on "send".

That is how you set your app's signature. It is not necessary to set it. After all, your forum's default signature will be there. The app's signature is just the wordings that show up automatically under the postings each time you post through using the app. If you were posting on your phone in Safari or the normal Internet function, the wordings wont show. It is purely for when you are on the app itself while posting. Some people (including myself) like to include the app's signature. I like to post a disclaimer for my iPhone's famous "typos" as I tend to make typing mistakes when on the phone more than when on my PC :p

Ok so how you post photos directly from your phone?

Follow steps (1) and (2) above. Step 2 will take you to this same screen. This time, tap on:
- "Camera" if you wanna take a new photo with your phone right in this second to post it directly (I think it is one cool function); or
- "Photo Album" if you had the photo saved in your mobile already; or
- "URL Link" if you wanted to share a video or any other link.
- "Image Link" if you had the photo that you wanna share saved in your Photobucket account or any other photo hosting website.
- "Map" if you wanna share your exact current location :w00t: lol

Let's say you wanted to share a photo you already took and have it in your cell phone. As mentioned above, "Photo Album" is the option you tap on.

Once you tap on that, it will take you to your phone's photo album. browse your phone's photo album and tap on the particular photo you wanna share once you find it.

Once you tapped on it, this page will show; just tap on "Maximum {44.2 KB}" next. (note: the Maximum number will vary based on your photo)

Once you tap on that, your image will be loaded from your photo album to the forum's app

once the loading is completed, tap on "Back"

Then you can type in your response and tap on "Send" after completing.

Of course, the full website browsing is better in it's display, but the app is just there for very quick postings and photo sharing(on the go). Even after you downloaded the app, u can still use the normal internet browsing on your phone.

Wishing you happy postings :D


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Hi Kat, it appears that this is an apple only app. I can not find an android version in either the amazon app store or in google play. Searches lead to an itunes page - which does not have an android version of the app.



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Kat, thanks that was great and very informative. I'm liking everything about the app except the advertisements...oh well can't have it all.

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Thank you! I hadn't even noticed the "advanced options" menu :). Great tutorial.

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I can't find it in my Android phone either... just in iTunes... perhaps they're still working on the droid version?

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