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Am I suppose to eat this?

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Q and 1st place in open obedience this weekend...tasty I suppose...


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Look at that big blue ribbon! You must be so proud of your baby.:innocent:

Can I send Libby over, for some training LOL!:thumbsup:
Ahhhh, so sweet!:wub: Congratulations on the blue ribbon!!!!
:chili::chili::chili::chili::chili::chili: :aktion033::aktion033::aktion033::aktion033::aktion033:
Awe! congrats! He's precious with that ribbon in his mouth. I hope you gave him a treat for winning it! ;)
What a great photo! Congrats to both of you! You must be so proud of your boy!
Love that picture. He isn't eating it. He is saying mom, I can retrieve anything now. :D
As Lucy said in the Vita-meat-a-vega-min routine on I Love Lucy, "It's so tasty too." :HistericalSmiley: Congratulations to both of you.:chili:
awww, sodie is such a super pup!! congratulations to you both!
Awww, brains and beauty. What a beautiful boy.
Congratulations--that picture is just too cute!
Such a nice and shiny coat.
Congrats on the win!
Great pic!
Congrats!!!!! He looks so proud, he is adorable and so handsome all in one.
wooo hoo ! he looks like a winner!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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