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DD sent a photo of hers yesterday but I am challenged w/how to get the photo from my I phone to here. We ordered the one w/the white bow. She said it is lovely. We ordered from a different company last year & it held well into FEB. since they spray it every day on the front door---it is cold there---so kept well. She will give me a final report as she sees how it goes. Thank you Sue, for making us aware of this offer. That is a good amount for the first year! KL was happy to hear AMAR was benefited by our order---she is the DD who did the event a couple of yrs ago for AMAR! It takes a village!:wub:
Sandi -- I'm so glad that she likes it!!:chili: I swear our live wreaths in VT last for months. It's so cold that they're frozen. :w00t: And then we repurpose it by tossing it into the woods so that the little critters make a home of it. Of course we take off the decorations and you can reuse those. And yes every time I use my Pampered Chef items I think of your daughter. :)
O got notified from FedEx that mine will be delivered tomorrow.
Can't wait to hear how it is, Walter! :aktion033:
Sherry - that looks so pretty with the mirror. So glad you like it and yes that smell. I can't get enough of it.
So glad this fundraiser worked. We've been trying to give people new options to help AMAR.
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