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Originally posted by Lexi's Mom+Nov 21 2005, 08:19 AM-->
@Nov 19 2005, 04:20 PM
I just read a breeder's advice on feeding dogs.  She wrote, any food containing more than 8 incredients will have you picking up alot more dog poop and will need to feed more often.  She also stated, adding some canned pumkin when you change their food will keep their stool firm.

Also, our toys need more nutrition than bigger dogs.

Finding a dog food with 8 or less incredients is going to be hard.  She wrote some of the Cosco food brands are pretty good.???

Both the foods I am feeding him have more than 8 ingredients.

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I have yet to see a dog food with less than 8 ingredients unless it was home made.

Canned pumpkin (make sure its 100% pumpkin) is great to have on had. You can give your puppy a small amount (1 tsp or less) when he has loose stools or is constipated. I just wish it came it those small cans. Seems like a waste to buy a big can and only use a few teaspoons out of it.

Costco has good brands?!?! I would never buy a dog food at a grocery store or store like Target/Walmart. I can't imagine CostCo would have any of the premium brands. Maybe I'm wrong though.
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Someone once suggested freezing the canned pumpkin that was left over. I think someone even said they froze it in ice cube trays.
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