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Wish us luck! I have a mobile groomer coming to the house. I didn't want to leave him for hours in a cage somewhere. I hope she does a good job. I copied pictures from here of what I want. Let's hope I get it, LOL.

They asked if I wanted his anal glands done. Not sure if I want that. :unsure:
He has dragged his butt a few times since I've gotten him four months ago. But I thought it was because he had a little mess on his butt. He was neutered on April 5th. I called the Vet and they said I don't need to get them done, could get them done at any time at the Vet for 19.00. They go from the inside and the groomer goes from the outside. But they say if he doesn't have a problem I don't need to get it done.

What is your opinion?
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