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And the Countdown begins today...

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I get Dash in 8 more days
I can barely contain my excitement. I need to go over the house one last time, you know, to puppyproof. Cover up the outlets, etc. I have almost everything I need for him, just waiting for the final list from LucyLou.

Over the weekend I picked up some shampoos. Stopped a few people walking with their maltese and asked them a few questions. I needed to know where all the dog shops were around the city.
I found 3 so far. In one, this lady was grooming a bichon... Oh My Goodness, what a beautiful dog and she was doing a GREAT job. Unfortunately, they charge $100 to groom
But I will say, after seeing the final result, the $$ seemed worth it.

I was talking to my boyfriend last night about where Dash would sleep when we are over there so he made some space for him in the living room. Even though he pretends he's not excited, I can tell he is. He did tell me no bows though
but Marj, between you and me, Dash will have a few... shhhh, don't tell anybody.

I had a funny dream last night. I got Dash. However, he kept peeing on me. :lol: It took me almost a year to get him fully trained. He even went in the street, next to one of our famous silver sidewalk trashcans. He was proud of himself.

Again, Thanks Ms. LucyLou. You've made an young lady very happy indeed
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Originally posted by hambys97@Sep 21 2005, 08:13 AM
He is on his way!!!!  I know the excitment must be unbearable...but it will be so worth the wait.  You better post pictures quickly though.  We all want to see Dash with Cassie.

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Trust, I will def. be posting pics. You guys r going to be soooo sick of me and my pictures! lol
by the way, who is cassie?
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