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Animal Cop Show

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I'm more of a SM lurker than a poster, but I just saw the saddest episode of animal cop that had me sobbing and enraged!! It was a cruelty case involving a backyard/puppymill breeder neglecting over 30 cavaliers spaniels. They were in horrific conditions when they were rescued. One 16 lb starving cavalier had over 5 lbs of severely matted hair filled with urine and feces. So bad, they didn't even know the sex of him until the fur was shaved off. Worst of all, the poor thing's body were full of open sores with various size maggots feeding off his raw infected flesh. In one sore they pulled out 5-6 mealworm-sized maggots! These poor animals have lived in this cruel environment 24/7 for years! Just so sad!!!!

Has anyone seen this episode? Sadly, there are thousands and thousands of cases like this, but this is the most disturbing I've seen. How can people do this to their animals? I just can't believe how evil, irresponsible, and cruel some people are. Truly heartless. Anyone considering buying from a backyard breeder should really see this. It'll change your mind. I just want to reiterate the importance of purchasing from only reputable breeders. Better yet, consider adopting! There's so many amazing, loving animals without homes. They never asked to be born and they all deserve a chance of a normal life. We really need be responsible and put an end to this vicious cycle.

Btw, Coco was adopted and I can tell you she's the best thing that's happened to me! She's the love of my life! She's my bundle of joy and she's more than I can ever ask for!!! I don't know if it's just me, but I have the deepest connection with the adopted ones. It's like they had a rough life before and they know they're in good hands now, so they're really appreciative of what they have.....always trying to please you. :wub:

Well, sorry for the rant, but it really hit a nerve. I don't post much, but when I do, I may have a lot to say. Thanks for listening :D
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I haven't seen that one, but my kids and I watch that show all the time. Its so sad to see what people can do to an animal and not even care or show any remorse. I swear I feel bad leaving the furry kiddos in their crates when I go shopping!

My daughter, Malayah, wants to be an Animal Cop/veterinarian when she grows up because of this show.
I absolutely agree with you. It is heart breaking to hear about these things =( I plan to adopt another maltese sometime in the future..My current baby (twinkle) is the love of my life and I appreciate her so much..she is always there for me. It is amazing how she can always read my emotions. When I am sad or when I cry, she always comes up next to me and tries to snuggle me and make me feel better. If i cover my face with my hands, she will use her nose to break through the barrier to lick my face. She really understands emotion and actually cares when people are hurting. She is an amazing little critter and it is so sad to think that she could be one of those dogs suffering and frightened. I am so thankful that I found her and that we are now together. She has my back all the time and I have hers too =)

Go maltese! :rochard:
I've seen that episode before and I did see part of it again today while on SM. I can't come on this site too often because I end up on it all day liake today! That show can be hard to watch sometimes and that segment you are referring to is one of the worst. I don't understand how a human being could look at a dog like that and either not think anything was wrong or just not care enough to do anything about it. The worst case I saw on that show was similar, but with a large breed dog whose skin was rotting away. He was covered with maggots and the staff was pulling them off one by one. Everytime they thought they had a section cleared they would lift up the skin and there were hundreds more. There had to be at least 1000+ maggots just eating this dog alive! I got sick the first time I saw it and was crying my eyes out. All I could do was hold Lola and promise her nothing like that would ever happen to her. They ended up having to put the dog down, which I guess was good because you could see in his eyes that he couldn't take it. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen.
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I don't blame you,that show makes me cry every time. It's funny my dogs get that looks that says.."OMG here she comes to hug us and cry all over us,must be watching Animal Cops".
I watch it and sometimes it has happy endings but sometimes it doesn't,but each time,it's guaranteed to make you cry... My hubby can't stand to watch it,he gets mad at the people on it for being cruel. He even tears up....
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